DioTribe-2When music is combined with any other form of passion, it becomes ultimate, private, elusive, and exhilarating. It becomes the tie that binds. It withholds a pilot light that sets its burner to infinity. And that very same is the pilot light under the feet of Diana Studenberg, singer/songwriter of the group DioTribe. Her musical journey has crossed the fields of Ontario, the architecture of Quebec, and now to the slopes of Vancouver, where she will be recording her first full length record.

Born and raised in Montreal, Diana began to perform and sing in choirs at the young age of eleven, and moved towards live bands at the age of sixteen. She quickly moved up to her own creative projects, joining bands in the Montreal area, performing original music in genres ranging from metal/hardcore to indie folk. As she began to focus more on her music and make connections with others in the business, she decided to follow her calling to the city of Toronto.

Moving to Toronto in 2010 with $400 to her name and nothing but music on her mind, she almost immediately made the right connections to help pursue her dream. From Toronto she went to L.A. to write and record with producers Matthew Gerard, whose writing credits include songs for Jessica Simpson, Kelly Clarkson, and Everlife, and Justin Gray, who has worked with Mariah Carey and Emma Bunton.

Upon returning to Toronto, she proceeded to make a video for her self-penned song (with Dave Thompson), ‘Please Don’t Fall in Love’. The video is available on YouTube.

With the projects coming and going, the music quiet and loud, she took it upon herself to form a group called Art Connect. A group set out to link all artists of all kinds, all mediums. To put hands in hands of every creative genius that wishes to communicate with other artists, expand and learn.

DioTribe-1Diana hosted the group’s first event at Monarchs Tavern in Toronto. To great acclaim, she took the stage, organized, re-organized, set up, tore down, and emceed the entire event, dressed like she came out of a foreign film from the 1930s, high energy and porcelain beauty. She climbed the rungs of the stage and delivered her passion through music and through connecting artists.

This is what it was, however, it is just a memory for now. She left at the end of June, exiting Toronto’s skyline for a quick return to Montreal before she flies out to Kitsilano in Vancouver, B.C., to record with Dave Thompson in his studio. What shall remain of Diana, her pride, her elegance, her helpful hand and humour. She will remain everywhere she goes. She will remain long distance to those who know her here, and close to home to those who she meets across the country.

Yet, no doubt she will be back again to grace the streets of Toronto with more melodies and anecdotes. She will grace the stages once again and lend her helping hand to other artists. And when the show is over and she gets back on her rustic stallion, whichever mode of transportation it may be, she will always remain, regain and refresh.

For more on Diana and DioTribe, visit diotribe.com.

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