Dinosaur Bones :: Shaky Dream

DinosaurBones-ShakyDreamOur Canadian quintet from Toronto has dug deeper for a more promising and developed second full-length album. Dinosaur Bones’ Shaky Dream deserves a fresher appreciation for their signature jaded garage rock sound, accompanied by the pleasant hums and croons of lead singer, Ben Fox.

The band had stamped their name as the confident underdogs by opening for major indie bands such as Hollerado, Tokyo Police Club, Arkells, Broken Social Scene. . . the list goes on.

What we do know is that Dinosaur Bones love what they are doing, and they are damn good at it! Their 2011 album, My Divider, proved to be a success with their hit single ‘N.Y.E’, which peaked through the Canadian charts. However, on Shaky Dream, the entire ten-track effort holds an immensely artistic dynamic that is both intriguing and passionate.

DinosaurBones-2The ungrounded grooves and muffled but persistent rhythms create a sort of hypnotic affect for the listener. Songs such as ‘Pacifist in Camouflage’ and ‘Dreamer’s Song’ are sure to leave any listener fascinated with the powerful lyrics, and absolutely stunned by the clarity of the band’s instrumental talent.

Dinosaur Bones have created and relished their roots in Canada, and with such a home, it is only a matter of time before this wave of genius sweeps in to dominate the scene. The band’s music palette has only strengthened over the last three years, solidifying a certain texture that only the members of Dinosaur Bones themselves can manage and maneuver.

DinosaurBones-1The album opens with ‘Dreamer’s Song’, an amazing work beginning with a conductive backdrop of drum beats and the mellowed bass accompanied with Fox’s narrative: “The first thing I saw / Was a mirage / Fade into dust / Did what I could / It wasn’t much / But, oh, what’s the rush? / Oh, what’s the rush?” The song follows along with a teasing and an undeniably chill guitar solo that carries on underneath Fox’s tale.

“How did we wind up / Where we belong? / Yours is a story / Mine is a song.”

The band is approaching their five-year milestone, and what better way to commend themselves than by looking back at the artistic value of Shaky Dreams and smile to each other, maybe with a slight nod of approval. They did it right.

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