Diane Coffee :: ‘Hymn’

DianaCoffee-1Drummer Shaun Fleming is the latest Foxygen member to embark on his own musical journey. Diane Coffee, the self-recorded project of Fleming, is set to release My Friend Fish this fall. The album is expected to be a spectacle of garage and psych-pop paired with delightful vocals by the ex-Disney voice actor himself.

The first single, ‘Hymn’, is a relaxed and sweetly imaged Foxygen-esque freakout, complete with a rock n’ roll breakdown at the end. Fleming does his best Sam France as he snarls certain words, but generally his sweet voice is calm and reassured – a very strong element of the music. The track carries on gracefully until the last quarter, where the tempo chugs on and quickening tambourines bring on the rollicking rock n’ roll stomp. It’s the most delightful part of the song, and could have very well been a full song itself. Alas, it lasts for but several seconds before a final foray into the meat of the song to close it out.

DianaCoffee-2All in all, it leaves you wanting more from this young Californian turned New Yorker. With Foxygen co-founder Johnathan Rado releasing his own solo album in the fall, and the other co-founder Sam France recording on ex-Foxygen touring member Globelamp’s new album – all just several months after their highly revered debut album came out this past January – it’s becoming acceptable to believe that Foxygen may have just been a jumping-off point for these talented young rockers.

My Friend Fish comes out this fall on Western Vinyl, and Diane Coffee will be touring in November with label mates Those Darlins.


Listen here:

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