Deftones-liveThe Kool House in Toronto was completely sold out, packed to the tits on March 1. The crowd was dizzy with anticipation of what their ears would be blasted full of within moments. Anyone who has ever seen a live Deftones concert will have to agree that it really is one hell of a fun time. The set list was almost a dream list, and although I was expecting more of the newer stuff, I was happy to hear all the old favourites again. The entire audience sang along or back to the band throughout the whole show; it truly was something to be seen.

Even lead singer Chino Moreno was happy with the turn out, commenting over his microphone to the fans, “Friday fucking night, the night to be scandalous. Actually, any night you can be scandalous but mother-fucking Fridays are extra sneaky. Thank you all for being here; seriously, thank you.”

Opening with ‘Be Quiet And Drive’ I was instantly taken back to 1998 and the feeling of summer (which is much needed living in Canada during the winter months). The crowd went ape shit and the night began!

‘My Own Summer’ was heart-wrenchingly beautiful, as always, though I did notice Moreno was either unable to scream like he used to or he was not putting out as much, maybe due to a cold or possibly taking it easy on his vocal strings. It must be noted that he hit every high note and his voice still sounds as good as it used to. Bassist Sergio Vega (the replacement for original bassist Chi Cheng, who, after a traumatic car accident, has been in a coma state since 2008), and guitarist Stephen Carpenter filled in on most of the screams during the evening. The band dedicated the song ‘Rivere’ to Chi and you could feel the sorrow in the air, sorrow and hope.

Oddly enough, the Deftones only played three songs off of their new album, Koi No Yokan: ‘Poltergiest’, ‘Rosemary’, and ‘Swerve City’. This left ample time for the oldies we all love, like ‘Lotion’, ‘Minerva’, and ‘Change (In The House of Flies)’.  Chino was consistent with crowd talk and even mentioned visiting the Eaton Centre in Toronto where he said he purchased apple juice. He showed extra Canadian love when shockingly he picked up a Toronto Blue Jays hat and rocked out with it on sideways. The best part of the night was the encore. . . ‘Root’ and ‘7 Words’ – what a finisher. A cherry on top to say the least.


If you would like to make a donation for medical costs for Chi Cheng, please visit

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