Davin Black

DavinBlack-2Davin Black is a busy man. He was especially busy as the keynote speaker during this year’s Music Video Night, part of the REEL World Film Festival in April – not to mention the fact that he showed the video for The Junction’s ‘Monuments’, which he directed.

In a world where it seems like everyone and anyone can be a director, Black has managed to hollow out a spot for himself; a spot so deep that few can manage – or even hope – to meet him there.

What makes him such a good director – and he’s got a shelf full of awards to prove that – is his effortless approach to creation.

“I try to get in the artist’s head,” Black explains, “and start with the emotion from the song.”

He’s become a pro at drawing out that emotion. The video for The Junction‘s ‘Monuments’ is a perfect example: Black has managed to recreate the cool, distant, voyeuristic feel of the song.

“You have to try different things to see what works and what doesn’t,” he says both of the process and of learning the art.


Davin Black poses for pictures at the Music Video Night in April, part of the REEL World Film Festival, in Toronto

He also advises burgeoning directors to think beyond MuchMusic and MTV.

“TV isn’t the be all and end all,” he says. “The Internet has a much bigger audience, and it lasts forever.”

He explained that, while having a video on a TV station’s rotation is great exposure, the potential online audience spans the globe – and videos don’t drop off of YouTube. Especially when considering the possibility of going viral, the Internet is a great place to start.

Davin Black is a busy man. Check out how busy at www.davinblack.com.

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