Danny Brown :: ‘Kush Coma’

DannyBrown-'KushComa'‘Kush Coma’ is the first offering from Danny Brown’s upcoming debut album, Old, and there really doesn’t seem to be that much change in terms of his subject matter. He’s still smoking amazing amounts of weed, still getting absolutely messed up, and still having indiscriminate sex. It’s like most of XXX, but with smoother production.

Comparing ‘Kush Coma’ to another Danny Brown song exclusively about smoking weed, ‘Blunt after Blunt’, ‘Kush Coma’ doesn’t have nearly the same amount of aggression, especially musically, but that doesn’t seem to be what it’s aiming for. It’s a well rapped song, with a smooth production, and a hook that will have everybody mistaking you for a pothead once it invades your conscience.

Danny Brown will always be someone who has fans of rap split down the middle. Some won’t be able to tolerate his voice, others will find his talk of drugs and sex over-excessive, but it’s a style that has worked for Danny Brown up to this point.

Danny Brown has said that there won’t be a lot of dick jokes and things of that sort on Old, but one thing that will be found is passion for his craft. Found through the energy in his raps, Danny Brown’s passion and energy is what enables him to sell his craft, whether it’s toned down, or finding himself in a ‘Kush Coma’.

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