Dan Griffin :: Leave Your Love

DanGriffin-LeaveYourLoveFormer member of the Arkells, and Toronto-born singer-songwriter, Dan Griffin released his debut album, Leave Your Love, back in 2011. The album was recorded while he was still touring as a member of the Arkells, and has managed to become a staple in my own music library.

As the album artwork seems to suggest, the record sounds best when played in the warmer months of the year, particularly at night, and paired with a bottle of wine and the night sky – but, hey, that’s just me.

Griffin’s soft vocals create a soothing ambiance; paired with delicate melodies and thoughtful lyrics, the album is an ideal addition to the playlist that you listen to while travelling.

The songs often create a feeling of nostalgia, most evident in ‘Summertime’, which has me longing for the carefree days of childhood. Other songs are lament for loves; made ever-more emotional by the soft keys of the piano and slight drum hits, as heard on ‘She’s a Drug’.

The album does well in showing Griffin’s talent for producing memorable songs with catchy lyrics.

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