Crazy Mary

CrazyMaryCrazy Mary: A rapturous and psychedelic band that is infused with spurts of pop and rock that may slightly shadow the melodic flavour of the legendary Beatles hit, ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’. The band Crazy Mary captured an essence that many music enthusiasts will be highly entertained and pleased with.

Vocalist Walter Steding has an accredited background – he was a notable solo artist, previously managed by none other than Andy Warhol. Steding also acted as a support act for the bands the frequented the now-defunct CBGBs in New York, including Blondie, The Ramones and Suicide.

Crazy Mary is based in New York City, and was established in 1998. The talented members include: Charles Kibel, Em Z, Walter Steding, Nick Raisz, Armand Milletari, and Parker Reilly.

The band’s dedication to Manhattan and all of the edgy, sexy and post-punk pinnacles, while weaving in contemporary sounds and style that is interspersed with nostalgic sentimentality is bound to leave you mesmerized! They bring forth a medley of momentous and colourful melodies to entertain a plethora of music aficionados!

Crazy Mary’s catchy videos and tunes draw attention to a by-gone era, but combine elements of modern fervor and zeal. To try to compare Crazy Mary’s musical genre to various bands and artists would be a task, as they absorb a little of everything and create a style uniquely their own.

Their album, Dreaming in Brilliant Color, was released in March 2012. The track listing includes, ‘Come On Lets Go’, ‘Cup of Tea’, ‘Lonesome As a Train’, ‘Song For a New Year’, ‘Ferris Wheel’, ‘Spring Flowers’, ‘I’m Ready to Go’, ‘Pass the Bread’, ‘Fallen Angel’, ‘Nick’s New Groove’, ‘Another One Like You’, ‘Take Me By The Hand’, and ‘The Big F’.

With seven studio albums, and two remix albums, the band gained favorable and notable reviews in: The New YorkerThe Boston Globe, The Village Voice and by NBC Nightly News anchor, Brian Williams.

Additionally, Crazy Mary performed at several festivals that include: CBGB Festival 2012, CMJ Festival 2005, Midpoint Music Festival 2005, NEMO Festival 1999, Howl Festival 2004, and UnicityPerforming Arts Festival 2009. They also performed with Richard Lloyd, The Bush Tetras, Lenny Kaye, The Tuff Tarts, Nile Rogers, TheWaldos, Cheetah Chrome (Dead Boys), James Chance, The Sic F*cks, and Kevin Cayne.

To quote Steding, who also plays the fiddle in the band: ‘I use every note in the scale and I hit every vibration, so I can cover the spectrum of both Western and world music. I try to play something that you’re familiar with, but is also beyond the familiar.’

Em Z drives a new dimension into the intensity of the band with stunning vocals, while Steding (now a full-time member of the band) continues to contribute his experience and pedigree, not to mention the emotional style that Crazy Mary exhibits.

The album Dreaming in Brilliant Color was conceived in April 2011 and, in a burst of inspiration, seven of the songs were composed in a day and a half! John Lennon’s hypnotizing sweet tones of the guitar inspired the record and illuminated in the body of their songs.

Crazy Mary’s Charles Kibel notes that they want the people to hear the new and fresh direction that the band has ventured into, as they have established the band to a whole new level that is reminiscent of an era when the beauty of art and music created seminal ideas and inspirations.

Be sure to check out Crazy Mary’s website to learn more about this amazing group, their upcoming performances, as well as their albums!

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