Comeback Kid :: Anniversary Tour

ComebackKidAnniversaryTourAnyone who grew up in Canada listening to hardcore music knows Comeback Kid. The Winnipeg-formed band are veritable pioneers of Canadian hardcore in a post-Refused world. Who doesn’t remember shouting along to ‘Wake the Dead’ while shotgunning beers in a parking lot wearing sleeveless denim jackets? Just me? And that was last summer. Whatever.

Well, for anyone else who shares similar memories, I’m sure you’ll be just as shocked as I was to realize that the band’s debut album Turn It Around turns ten this year. Now that you feel as old as I do, here comes the good news: in honour of this special decennial, the now Toronto-based band is embarking on a tenth anniversary tour. And they’re bringing back an old friend.

Former lead vocalist, Scott Wade, who sang on the first two records, is rejoining the band for the tour to sing some tunes off Turn it Around and Wake the Dead. With anniversary and full-album tours seeming to be somewhat a la mode lately, actually getting the original line-up back together for a tour is pretty damn cool, and it should be real treat for old and new fans alike.

It’s a fairly comprehensive tour, spanning much of Europe and North America, and it’s underway now. They’ll be making their way to Canada in June, and for my fellow Torontonians, they’ll be hitting the Great Hall on June 7.

I’ll see you there. Bring your denim and we’ll find a parking lot.

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