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CityAndColour-TheHurryAndTheHarmYou might like music such as Iron and Wine, Alexi Murdoch, Gotye, or maybe John Mayer. Modern folk-rock artist, City and Colour released his latest album, The Hurry and the Harm on June 4, and you might like him, too.

The album was recorded at the Blackbird studio in Nashville, Tennessee. His rustic but modern ambiance and gratifying wordplay is quite remarkable.

The lead single from the album, ‘Thirst’, was already released when the album came out. You may have already tasted his pieces of the tracks, but he blended various genres in the latest album discerningly, he doesn’t allow us to judge the album from his leading single.

The entirety of his album was surrounded by a warm, heartbreaking atmosphere,  leaving deep astringency, like an aftertaste of black coffee. He has a taste of music which only an adult can enjoy, but the young are willing to taste it.


His sweet but strong voice sends sensitive lyrics to your heart: “In the midst of a storm searching for shelter / I came upon one single feather / A half-hearted wish for something better / Gracefully cursed, I thirst”

Privately, the lyrics heal my broken heart. His track, his words, are stranded with me: broken heart just like a best friend, and it also has a power to make me move forward. It is amazing. Do you have a album that can be your friends? This album would join in your soulmate circle. At least, it is my BFF.

In comparison with his previous albums, he uses more instruments on The Hurry and the Harm. If I categorize his last album Little Hell as rustic folk music, his current album would be more in the civilized and modern section. I’d like to say the album is magnificent and gorgeous. (But don’t worry; it is not flashy at all!) He is hardly changed, and never disappoints his listeners. For me, this is the best album in his carriers. He is not changed, but he is going to the next stage.


Moreover, it is likable that he leaves some lovely guitar folk tracks for the Little Hell lovers, as well. I would like you to check one of tracks, ‘Take Care’. His sweet falsetto voice blends together with the simple guitar tune. It is vastly peaceful.

In my opinion, this album is much easier to listen for people who are not into folk. It doesn’t mean that his music is popularized or his style is completely changed. Because of the lyrics, melody and his method of mixing some genres in one album, this record is more enjoyable for as many people as possible. It is definitely worth a listen to.
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