Chloe Charles :: Break The Balance

ChloeCharles-BreakBalanceHaving first seen Chloe Charles on stage during last year’s Canadian Music Week, I was intrigued. She had this worldly aura, and sounded like a string orchestra that went rock.

Since then, she’s embarked on a massive European tour and has been featured everywhere from Toronto’s NOW!  to Germany’s Rolling Stone.

And now, she’s back in the country, ready to drop her new album, Break the Balance, tonight at The Revival (doors open at 8 pm, and tickets are just $20 – you should go).

Break the Balance is one of those albums that lets you take everything you love about a live performance home with you.

‘Business’ opens the record. A poppy tune, it’s catchy and quirky, quickly endearing you to Charles’ unique style. With ‘Find Her Way’, you get a taste of her strong vocals. The track is an airy ballad, with an encouraging tone.

But it’s in ‘Plastic Life’ that Charles really exposes her range. At just 47 seconds, the quick interlude is a nice break to the record.

‘Tarot’ is deeper and darker, further proving the strength of her vocals, while ‘Soldier’ is a powerhouse of a song. Charles’ vocals and smokey, strong and drawn-out – pushing the track to the limits of glorious urgency.

Still, ‘Amulet’ seems to really expose Charles’ uniqueness. It’s strange and breathy and builds in intensity. The track is full, but simple at the same time.

Clear your schedule and go see Chloe Charles tonight at The Revival. For more information, visit

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