at NXNE

Cairo-NXNE-1The Thursday-night crowd at the Rivoli in Toronto, for the North by Northeast festival, swelled to the front of the stage just as, the five-piece outfit from Toronto took the stage.

Their sound is a whimsical one – vast, echoing vocals that sail into a never-ending flow of soft, soaring sound. Paired with a lovely twingy acoustic guitar, a weeping violin, a swelling bass, and clashing symbols, has the captive audience entirely transfixed.


The band has formed around a perfect fusion of elements, including folk, roots, and rock. Plus, they’ve got a great stage presence; they’re not necessarily thrashing around (how out of place that would seem), but they are grooving in their own ways  – gently swaying or tapping their toes.

That blend is a perfect compliment: at once, it is haunted, hazy, and sleepy, yet also bright, ethereal, and upbeat – almost like a glowing halo of calming sounds. It’s so perfect that is nearly able to transport its audience into a dream – a wonderful, soothing dream.

Cairo-NXNE-3For more on, which is heading back into the studio this summer, visit

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