Cadence Weapon working on a new EP

CadenceWeapon-CMWCadence Weapon is currently working on a new EP to follow up last year’s hugely successful Hope in Dirt City.

The Edmonton-born, Montreal-based rapper told Exclaim! that fans can expect a different direction out of his latest work.

“The stuff I’m making now is super rap,” he said. “It’s very in-your-face rap music, hearkening back to my first album.”

Cassandra spoke with Cadence Weapon at this year’s Indies, where he talked about his writing process.

“I used to purely write lyrics and not rap for a little while,” he told her backstage. “So I honed my lyricism for a long time.”

There’s no word on when we can expect the album, but you can read more about what Cadence Weapon had to say about it here.

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