Cadence Weapon at CMW

CadenceWeapon-CMWDuring Friday’s Sirius XM Indies award show, I managed to catch up with Cadence Weapon. We spoke about the differences between the music scenes in Toronto and Montreal, and then sporks.


Raz Mataz Magazine (RMM): Are you here in town for the whole week or are you just here tonight for your performance?  

Cadence Weapon (CW): I’m here for the week.


RMM: Have you checked out any other shows?

CW: Nah, I mean, I just got to town a few hours ago. But I’m probably gonna go check out, I hear Savages are really good I wanna check them out. My buddy Scratch Bastard is DJ-ing tonight at The Drake so I’m gonna check him out. Tomorrow, I’m gonna go see a good friend of mine, Mozart’s Sister. I’m DJ-ing the show after, at the Comfort Zone


RMM: Is this your first year being nominated?

CW: No, actually I won Best Rap in 2007.


RMM: When you won Best Rap then did it change your mindset about what you were doing?

CW: It was just exciting, it was nice to be honoured and considered for what I do, what I love to do, you know? It’s great to be nominated this year, too.


RMM: Do you have a favourite venue to play in Toronto?

CW: Ah, I like Double Double Land.


RMM: Where’s that?

CW: It’s in Kensington Market. It’s more of an underground venue.


RMM: what seems to come more naturally for you: writing the lyrics or making the music?

CW: I think writing, because my background is more of a writer. I used to purely write lyrics and not rap for a little while, so I honed my lyricism for a long time.


RMM: So, you’re based in Montreal?

CW: Yeah, I live in Montreal.


RMM: How are the Toronto and Montreal music scenes different from each other?

CW: Montreal seems it’s a very, like, a supportive music community where people all kind of. . . everybody will jump into each other’s bands, help each other out, loan people gear, play a couple things on a song – it feels like the ‘70’s you know? It’s very tight knit, and everybody knows everybody, it’s really fun. And Toronto, not to say it’s not fun, it seems like it’s more, uhm, at an event like CMW I think people can see that it’s possible to be successful as a band here more – they see the potential of being a band more here


RMM: Sort of, like, being famous?

CW: Famous, or you can like make a living doing it or something. It seems like it’s also the way this is as a city, you know? It’s kind of a bigger city, you know, it’s uh, it’s got more of a foundation in rap, for instance, uh, and it’s just like a different style. I was always say, like, Montreal is like fuelled by like. . .  it’s like Montreal is MDMA and Toronto is like cocaine.


RMM: Good comparison. Okay, speed round: dogs or cats?

CW: I’m not an animal guy, to be honest.


RMM: Forks or spoons?

CW: Uh, forks. Yeah. I use a fork so much more.


RMM: So, if you’re eating Kraft Dinner or rice or something, fork?

CW: Will I still use a fork? Yeah. I use a fork probably, like, three times more than a spoon.


RMM: What if, it was the ‘spork’?

CW: Oh well that is the – it’s a great invention. I would like to have a spork in my home – a few sporks in my home. That are made of metal, instead of plastic, a reusable spork.


RMM: Do you think they have them?

CW: I’m sure they’ve gotta have that. You have inspired me. I’m going to look for a reusable spork.

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