Breeze :: Paradise (In a while)/Repent

Breeze-ParadiseInAWhileRepentA shoegaze pop band from Toronto, Breeze is getting to solidify their foundation. Their current debut record, Paradise (In a while)/Repent, was released via Toronto film/design house and boutique label, Hand Drawn Dracula. You will gradually get to know them well.

Breeze, as the name suggests, are like a breath of fresh air. The band was started up, active lively as small tornado. A sound of breezy shoegaze, it is really chill but vastly energetic at the same time.

The lead track, ‘Paradise (in a while)’, is – if you allow me to use a hack word – beautiful. Literally, three minutes of paradise is spread in front of you. I admire the person who named this song. The title perfectly matches with the atmosphere of the track. And it is a great single to celebrate their debut. Four drum beats, spreading high tone voice and dissonances make a great magnetic chord, and it leads you to the peaceful mind as if you are lying into a cozy comfy sofa under the sunshine.

On the other hand, the second song, ‘Repent’ has a different approach. Slow moving pace, charming rolling, it makes me want to clap and wave my hands with the rhythm. They have two different faces on a CD, which has only two songs. Well done!

Ringo Deathstarr, Yuck, The Jesus of and Mary Chain. If you are jumping up with listening to those names, you would like this Toronto’s fresh blood, as well.

After releasing their debut single, they are on the tour energetically.

Their latest show was held at Parts & Labour on June 3. Ringo Deathstarr, and Tess Parks & The Good People from Toronto also performed.

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