After releasing their debut album Native Speaker in 2011 to a number of positive reviews, BRAIDS have plans to release their second album, Flourish // Perish, this August. They released an EP, called In Kind // Amends, this past June, making many critics and fans eager to hear what their second album will bring.

I could feel the heat after being in the entrance to the Comfort Zone in Toronto for less than a minute. Packed nearly to the back, it was all I could do to not turn back to remain at a comfortable distance while waiting for BRAIDS to finish setting up for their Thursday-night performance for the North by Northeast festival.

I could feel the person next to me sweating, and their deathly stare whenever another member of the audience tried to squeeze past in order to get a better view.

The synths were produced with a sense of urgency and the band exuded an aura of ethereality.

Despite the overwhelming amount of human perspiration, Raphaelle Standell-Preston’s immaculate vocals were entrancing, and breathy, and made standing in the steamy (un)Comfort(able) Zone worth it.

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