Born Ruffians :: ‘With Her Shadow’

BornRuffians-WithHerShaddowWhile Luke Lalonde’s solo venture satisfied my own desire for more Born Ruffs, the band recently announced that they would be releasing their fourth album, Birthmarks, on April 16. Along with the announcement, they released ‘With Her Shadow’, a track off of the upcoming album.

Crashing symbols and Lalonde’s distinct vocals give the song impact, and dreamy tones fill the song, offering a fantastical element. Lyrically engaging – “thinking of her shadow / makes me sweat”; “spring days she’s running wild / keep her head down silhouette / wet hair flying” – the song resembles many other Ruffian singles in that it’s immediately ear-catching and impossible to forget.

Here’s hoping that the band will release at least one more track before the record’s release date.

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