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Bordeen-BordeenIf you like bands like Walk Off The Earth, fun. or The Lumineers, then Canadian indie band, Bordeen, is the band for you.

The band features siblings, Brianna Bordihn (vocals/keys), Daniel Bordihn (drums), Ryan Bordihn (lead vocals/guitar), as well as brothers Murray Heaton (guitar/vocals) and Billy Heaton (bass). Bordeen is a collaboration of new pop, southern rock, and old school harmonies. They have been nominated for a GMA award, won several band showcase events, and play at the majority of Toronto’s top clubs, like Lee’s Palace, The Annex ,The Mod Club, Bread and Circus, The Rivoli, and The Opera House.

It’s nice to see family working together. They clearly have a connection and it comes through in their music. Their latest album, BORDEEN, is pretty decent. I want to be able to say that I would listen to this album over and over, but, to be honest, I don’t think it will make my repeat playlist. Don’t get me wrong – I can appreciate what they are doing, and I can recognize that this band has some true talent, but there isn’t one song that really stands out for me.

Bordeen-1With that being said, I think they would be worth checking out, especially live. I would like to see how these siblings gel together onstage. This twelve-track album is a mix of upbeat songs, filled with energy and slower, more meaningful songs mixed in.

Their single, ‘Big Plans’, isn’t actually my favourite on their album; the song is upbeat and catchy, but something about the vocals irk me. ‘Big Plans (reprise)’ is actually more enjoyable to me. This version is beautiful, giving off a very spiritual vibe, something I didn’t expect to hear. The vocals were unrushed and the harmonies of the children’s choir in the background are sweet.

Bordeen-'BigPlans'‘Me and The City’ is one of the slower tracks, and I enjoyed this track the most. It was easy to listen too, it made me feel calm, and is easy to relate to.

All in all I’d say BORDEEN is worth checking out.

For more on Bordeen, visit their website, and check out their Facebook page and their Twitter account.


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