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ArtConnect-sketchWith summer in full swing (although it still being spring), there is a hop, skip, and a jump in everyone’s step, and this just means the clothes come with less square inches, and there is more room on the patios to sit down and drink a cold beverage. And in the midst of all this glorious Toronto weather one must be entertained to stay inside, and entertained you shall be! This upcoming Thursday June 6th Art Connect is hosting its very first event, and parallel to it, its very first benefit.

Art Connect is a group that started online by Diana Studenberg, a Montreal native who has been living in Toronto and enjoying its music scene. Her motivation behind the group, which started earlier this year, was to help bring artists – alike and unalike – together. In artistic ways, business-like ways, in ways to retain friendship, to network and to broaden each others horizons without bias or prejudice. The group was set out not to hold any form of artistic integrity or form of communication above any other. A videographer is just as valid and accepted as a guitar player, as a poet is just as welcomed as a dancer, and so on and so forth. It is the ultimate artist collective devoted to everyone supporting each other. However, this is also not necessary, stating earlier in an interview that Art Connect is there for the taking and the giving, if one choses to only take from it they may take, and if one only chooses to give to it, one may only give.

This being said, it seems like a dream world for artists. To be able to freely associate with other artists in their community without a loss of time, or missing shows, exhibits, parties etc. One can always stay connected. And she hopes that it will not only reach out to the non-artistic world, but, some day, to the entire artistic community, collectively and worldly. Mass amounts of artists communicating across the globe and gaining inspiration where one might not have gotten it by sitting in one’s four-walled basement on one’s own.

ArtConnect-sketch-2When the first group meeting had taken place, it had been agreed that an event should be organized to help spread the word of Art Connect. And it was agreed upon that that date would be June 6, 2013, at Monarchs Tavern in Toronto. Filled with entertainment and just what the doctor ordered – opportunity to network, inspire, be inspired and socialize, with or without a drink in hand.

The date decided would end up becoming a benefit for a local organization called SKETCH. Taken directly from their website: “SKETCH is a community arts initiative engaging young people who live homeless or on the margins to experience the transformative power of the arts, build leadership and self sufficiency in the arts and cultivate social and environmental change through the arts!” Couldn’t be better said than that. A place for the young and under-privileged to go and experience one of the greatest gifts, first hand, that has been given to them.

Through two separate artistic communities, both flowing for different causes, we can see a direct correlation and response between the two. If you have any interest in the arts, be sure to come and donate five of your dollars Thursday, June 6 at Monarchs Tavern with a roster of artists including: Kevin Krouglow, Ritallin, Mystery Man, Leo, Andy Itwaru, Hannah Gemma, and the possibility of an appearance by Diotribe.

For any other information on Art Connect, SKETCH or the artists involved in this week’s benefit check out the links below.


Art Connect:

Kevin Krouglow:


Hannah Gemma:

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