Arcade Fire :: ‘Reflektor’

ArcadeFire-'Reflektor'If you consider yourself a part of true music fandom and have had just about enough of the Internet generating on Miley Cyrus news, you may have been immersed in the news surrounding the return of Arcade Fire and their various musical. . . developments, we’ll call them for now. After a pretty ostentatious (for lack of better word) appearance on Saturday Night Live’s season premiere, as well as some secret, mysterious graffiti marketing tactics, if buzz is what the band is looking for, they’ve certainly created some. But, nonetheless, the first single off the upcoming double album, ‘Reflektor’ does not disappoint. Fingers crossed the album doesn’t either.

ArcadeFire-ReflektorCo-produced by James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem and inspired by the band’s recent trip to Haiti, the track is filled with ’80s-themed dark dance and heavy rhythmic percussion. The track seems to be our first listen of the band’s – again – musical developments, leaving only traces of the Arcade Fire we’re all used to. But as they say, change is good. The song definitely needs to grow on you, as at first listen it serves only as a light dancey track you jam to during that Friday night pre-drink session; an environment Arcade Fire’s albums have never really seen before. But, after awhile, lyrically, the track makes you miss the band, and begin the anticipation for the album’s release. Regine Chassange’s tiny vocals crooning in french – “Entre la nuit / La nuit et l’aurore / Entre la royaume / Des vivants et des mortise” – takes you back. Did I forget to mention that David Bowie makes a tiny guest appearance on the track?

The video, of course, is another story entirely. Papier mache heads, wooden umbrellas, and spacey, floating disco balls can only be seen, not described.

Arcade Fire’s Reflektor will be released October 29, and is currently available for pre-order on iTunes and the band’s website.


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