April 3, 2002

April3On this day in 2002, Dave Mustaine, leader of the heavy metal band Megadeth, went into the hospital for an operation to remove a kidney stone. During treatment, he was given pain relieving medication which provoked a relapse of his previous drug addiction.

After Mustaine was released from hospital, he immediately checked himself into a treatment centre for addiction in Texas. It was at the treatment centre that Mustaine would suffer a freak injury causing severe nerve damage to his left arm and hand. The injury happened due to the way Mustaine had fallen asleep with his left arm over the back of a chair; the compression of the radical nerve had caused serious harm. He was diagnosed with radical neuropathy (a.k.a., Saturday Night Palsy), leaving him unable to move his left hand, even to make a fist, let alone play notes on a guitar.

In April of 2002, Mustaine would announce his departure from Megadeth due to his injury, but he immediately started physical therapy treatments five days a week, and, after five months, he was able to move his hand again, but had to re-teach himself how to use his left arm and hand.

After a total of a year spent on therapy, both physical and electric shock, Mustaine was in the studio recording his first solo album.

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