April 11, 1970

April11On this day in 1970, Fleetwood Mac’s original member, Peter Green would announce that he intended to leave the band to follow his newly-found mysterious religion. Green had been up for days prior to this announcement on a heavy LSD trip.

While touring Europe, the band arrived at the airport in Munich. There, Green was met by “unknown people”, according to drummer Mick Fleetwood. They quickly took Green into a waiting car, away into the secluded woods where these unexplainable people had a mansion-sized commune. There they bribed Green with drugs and beautiful women. There was a cult-like feel to this group of people that literally scared the members of Fleetwood Mac when visiting on hopes of talking Green into leaving. . . but to no avail.

Green would descend further into LSD while playing guitar and entertaining himself and the people around him. He never returned to the hotel where his bandmates where staying. His mental stability was crumbling.

Green had apparently already made up his mind that he no longer wanted to be a part of Fleetwood Mac, so he went on his way with no regrets. His friends, family and band members all say that he has never been the same since that incident in Munich and they’re terribly sadden by this. Green was responsible in that he finished the tour to fulfill his contractual obligations.

After his departure, Green moved into his brother’s home where he admitted that he was starting to act strange and confided in his brother that he was hearing voices and the voices were telling him to do bad things. He began giving his guitars and his money away, and took on a series of odd jobs, including gravedigger. During these years he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and he spent time in various psychiatric hospitals, undergoing electro-shock therapy, which caused severe memory loss.

In 1979, Green began to re-emerge professionally. With the help of his brother, he was signed to a small label. He also made an uncredited appearance on Fleetwood Mac’s song ‘Brown Eyes’ from their album Tusk, released that same year.

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