Anna Wiebe :: Full of the Light

AnnaWiebe-FullOfTheLightHow did Anna Wiebe manage to capture the sounds of earthly elements on her debut EP? That’s not a rhetorical question, you guys. With just five songs plus a charming 42-second interlude, Full of the Light is full of just that. Minimalistic folk songs with steady guitar strums, light da da das and just enough ambient noise make a short and sweet EP something that sounds bare, soulful, and intimate.

The Guelph-based indie-folk singer-songwriter recently released a collaboration with fellow Guelph native, Jon Lawless, called ‘Go For Broke!’ before releasing her debut EP earlier this summer.

Each song on the EP is a stripped down feature of piano, guitar, and vocals lightly co-existing together. These tracks exclude the airy pop production, ‘Don’t Know How’ that features Jake Scott’s easy synths and light percussions. And while Wiebe’s weightless melodies are close to sounding too sweet, her vocals carry a hint of personality and a depth that manage to balance out her breezy sound.

AnnaWiebeStandout tracks include the EP’s starting track, ‘Much Else’, reminiscent of Colbie Collait. The song is suitable to both summer and winter settings, as Wiebe speaks of a low desire for material possessions: “All we got in this old house / Is a place to sit / We got a chair, we got a couch / And I guess that’s it / We don’t need much else.”

‘Fifty Items’ trades in the airy pop sounds for darker tones, juxtaposed with high piano melodies. Closing track, ‘Full of the Light’ has a sweet ‘n low sound with guitar and piano accompaniment as well as her own haunting harmonies and background vocals; finding the ability to sound exactly like a summer breeze should.

Anna Wiebe’s  Full of the Light EP is currently available for download on her bandcamp page.


Listen here:

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