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Andreas-AndreasAndreas is the kind of live band that an boost the energy level of an entire venue up about a hundred points – crank it to eleven, if you will.

When a band like this comes along, I’m always nervous for their debut record – can they keep that level of energy up?

I’m happy to say that Andreas have done just that with their self-titled debut EP.

The five-track album was released with much fanfare on August 9 at the Boston Manor in Burlington, Ont. As a whole, it’s pure, unadulterated fun. It’s the kind of straight-up rock-and-roll that everyone can get into and sing along with. It makes music fun – and that’s what music’s about, isn’t it?

The album opens with ‘Beyond Repair’, a track stuffed with wonderfully full harmonies. The song, which features Mike Medhurst annihilating on drums, is unapologetic rock; a great start to a strong EP.

The record continues with ‘I Bet’, the catchiest song on the album and one of the easiest tracks to follow along with. Adam Payne’s bass lines drive the song, while Jason Brandow’s guitar shifts the track into high-gear.

Andreas-1‘Letter From A Friend’, meanwhile, puts Brian Dahl’s vocals in the forefront. The band slows down the tempo for the verses, only to speed it right back it up for the high-energy chorus. Jennifer Lockman’s keys are smooth and wave-like, subtly moving the track forward, while Medhurst’s clinging symbols add a nice detail.

‘Let Her Do’, meanwhile, is a wonderfully dark bluesy number that features deep bass lines, swinging guitars, sliding, crashing symbols, smooth smokey vocals, seeping keys, and a fabulous wobbling guitar solo.

The album closes with ‘Time After Time’. The song opens with a sullen bluesy tone and Dahl’s whiskey-soaked vocals, and continues in that wonderfully piercing, dark vein.

The album is available on iTunes, in both CD and bracelet form.

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