Andreas-1The first time I saw Andreas live, I was absolutely blown away. I hadn’t done a usual pre-listen to make sure they’d be any good, but they were and I was happy.

So going in to the band’s CD launch party at the Boston Manor in Burlington, Ont., on Friday, I was expecting to watch a good band play live. What I got was a band that was even better – better than the last time I saw them perform, and better than they are on their record.

They opened with ‘I Bet’, a catchy number off of the record. With this, they certainly caught the crowd’s attention. But they maintained it with their happy and interactive between-song banter – a critical part of performing, in my opinion.

Together, they play straight-up rock-and-roll, with Mike Medhurst’s fast drums, Jason Brandow’s vivacious and mind-numbing guitar solos, Jennifer Lockman’s invigorating, and at times beautifully twinkly, keys, and Adam Payne’s punchy bass lines, not to mention Brian Dahl’s smooth and smokey vocals.

Andreas-3They easily transition between fast-paced upbeat songs and smooth, slow ballads. They’re still entirely entertaining, no matter what style they fall into. They build from smooth, seamless verses to wonderful choruses – clanging keys, buzzing and warbling guitars, rolling bass – it’s a recipe for a fabulous set.

On stage, it’s obvious that they’re having fun, and that fun certainly translates to the crowd, which, by mid-way through their set, has rushed the dance floor. Musically, they certainly don’t call it in. They practice hard, and it shows; they’re great together, hitting every mark.

They played more tracks from their album, which is available in CD and bracelet form, before finishing their set with a spot on cover of AC/DC’s ‘Highway to Hell’.

“We’re all sick, so I’m not sure how this is going to go,” Brian tells me before the show.

No matter; Andreas sound as incredible as ever.

For more on Andreas, like where you can get their new album, visit And be sure to read our interview with the band!

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