Amelia Scalies

AmeliaScaliesAmelia Scalies, a young, bright and passionate Philadelphian artist that embraces all facets of the human experience, has achieved success in various cities throughout North America. Her songs reflect many emotional aspects that people face, including teenagers being bullied. Her songs uplift and provide understanding. They touch upon numerous emotions as she strums her acoustic guitar and sings with devotion and passion.

Some of Scalies’ accolades include opening for Donovan Frankenreiter’s show,  Boy Wonder, Dan Orlando, WaveRadio, Joe Robinson and Beth Goldwater.  She also performed at – and won – the Chester County Hospital Foundation Battle of the Bands.

Scalies captured the attention of audiences through her memorable lyrics and hypnotic music. A truly talented and spirited young artist that is surely headed towards stardom; especially as her talents as a writer, guitarist and violinist can be easily identified and akin to Avril Lavigne, Sheryl Crow, Kelly Clarkson and Alanis Morissette!

AmeliaScalies-IShouldveKnownHer latest CD, I Should’ve Known, was released in July 2013 and contains her featured songs – 11 original tracks and one cover of My Chemical Romance’s ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’. Scalies’ music reflects alternative rock and contemporary country genres that has pleased a wide range of fans.

We can see and envision this talented musician simmering up new ideas and concepts for upcoming albums and her eclectic songs are definitely a soothing and pleasing experience! What is truly amazing is that, through her music and lyrics, she touches upon real-life experiences that many can relate to or have experienced themselves. An amazing feat for a young artist! We can only eagerly anticipate the latest songs that she is currently working on, and that is bound to have an impact on audiences of all ages!

Make sure to check out Amelia Scalies’ website for more information about her music, upcoming performances, and CD releases.


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