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Absofacto-LonersVol1Absofacto is one of those little slices of indie music heaven that you not only enjoy, but actually appreciate. As Absofacto, Jonathon Visger (the solo moniker of Michigan-based frontman for the indie band Mason Proper) manages to somehow effortlessly leave an easy yet lyrically profound set of tracks on his new [Loners]: Vol 1 EP.

Released earlier this August, [Loners]: Vol 1 reads like a short and sweet playlist, perfect for the end of the summer. A sort of re-up to his 2011 release Loners, [Loners]: Vol 1 is a delightful art-piece with a sense of intellectual day-dreaming. The six-track EP comes complete with light yet infectious riffs, soft melodies and Visger’s endearing vocals. The songs force you to begin singing along before you realize how reflective the lyrics are, which, at most times, present exceptionally well the art of storytelling through music.

Standout tracks may possibly be present from start to finish. The mellow ‘Lies’ has a lazy melody that instantly takes your mind from reality to wonderment, with harmonies that beg you to sing along.

AbsofactoThe haunting guitar riffs and easy tempo of ‘Backfires’ almost distracts you from the lyrical intelligence staggering through Visger’s dizzy vocals: “Dotting your Ts and crossing your Is / Hate to tell you but it’s a poor disguise.”

‘Mobius Strip (Thru My Fingers)’ gives a beautiful sense of lyrical imagery as he depicts the mental ramblings and relationship views that occur during a traffic jam – “While passing the time on the infinite drive / Back to the place you came to arbitrarily refer to / As the center of the start / I’ll be back in your heart.”

Much like Mason Proper, Absofacto takes a small sound and makes you feel something bigger. Visger, however, has the ability to take the complications and intricacy out of music, without losing its presence and all the while sounding easy and effortless.

Absofacto’s [Loners]: Vol 1 is currently available iTunes!

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