Video Killed the Music

blog-5June2012-photo1Is anyone else absolutely annoyed with the drivel being put out by Much”Music” as of late?

Today, via twitter, they announced that they’d be announcing four additional performers for the MMVAs, which are (arguably) (sadly) the most popular awards show in the country. The post payed special attention to the fact that there would be some “big international names”. What they mean to say is they’re going to announce popular American “musicians”.

(Probably Lady Gaga)

(a lot of quotations so far, no?)

Now, I’m not saying that there aren’t talented Americans (Tara Priya and Jarrod Dickenson, for starters). And I’m not ranting against popular music. But, really, MM – drop the facade. The “music” bit has been missing for quite some time.

blog-5June2012-photo2Gone are the days of Rick the Temp and Master T. Gone are the days of George Strombouloupoulous (huh?) hosting the Punk Show late at night. Gone are the days of interviews that didn’t like revolve around like the ditzy interviewer like and her like totes personal relationship with like the former Disney star / faux-singer she was like totally chatting with like and like whatevs, totes, oh em gee . . . . ugh, FML.

Look. I get it. I’m an old lady now, and I’ve fallen out of the target market for Much. But as the only music station in Canada (MTV Canada is owned by the same company that owns Much Music, so it doesn’t count), couldn’t they focus a bit more of their programming on music. In addition, I think our society would benefit (SO MUCH) from fewer pregnant teens/rich and spoiled socialites on TV.

A little while back, Much asked the CRTC to change their broadcasting license, cutting the amount of music videos they are required to show in half, down to 25 percent. (Apparently it’s now 50 percent, but i haven’t seen a music video on much music in years.) They air about 100 videos a day, give or take, right now.

blog-5June2012-photo3They also asked to reduce Canadian content (anger boils…), eliminate French-language videos (ahem; anger boils…) and add more lifestyle (read: MTV shit) and cartoons to their programming. All those were rejected, but the station, which is now owned by Bell, was successful in cutting their programming schedule down to 18 hours, from 24 hours. They can choose what to play during that six-hour gap in scheduling.

And I’m guessing that it’s not going to be anything home-grown or music related.

What do you think? Are you sick of Much’s music-free shenanigans?

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