Uh – may – ZING!

What an amazing end (sort of) to an amazing week!

CMW is almost over, and what a way are the Indies to go out!

Meighan and I (I = Olivia) went, and we had the times of our lives! Meighan chatted up everyone – The Sheepdogs, Treble Charger, Rich Aucoin, Rob Dyer (of Skate 4 Cancer), and so many more amazing musicians that your head would explode.

I, on the other hand, ran around like a mad person, trying to find a sliver of floor not already inhabited by a photographer (who, I’ve concluded, are extremely intense people).

So many great acts took the stage, including Sheepdogs, Rich Aucoin, Treble Charger, The Pack AD, Pavlo, and Passion Pit.

My ears are still ringing, my energy is still through the roof, and I can stop wishing that the Indies didn’t end.

That’s what I call a good night.


Don’t think that’s all we have for you – oh, no! We’ve got so much more CMW stuff coming your way, that your head might explode (we’ll take it easy, though, exploding heads are messy).

Keep coming back for photos and news on everything CMW!

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