Top Threes

I saw something today.

I saw a lot of things, actually, but one thing really wowed me. It was a cover song.

But not just any cover – a cover that you wouldn’t expect would work.

And so, I made a list.


Here are the Top Three Covers That You Wouldn’t Expect Would Work (But Actually Do!)


3 – Dynamite Hack’s cover of ‘Boyz In The Hood’ (originally by E Eazy)

An oldie but a goodie, this track spawned my (not so secret) love of cover songs.


2 – Kris Allens’s cover of ‘Heartless’ (originally by Kanye West)

It’s very, very, very rare that a cover will be better than the original. Nirvana did it (IMHO) with Bowie’s ‘Man Who Stole the World’, and Kris Allen did it with Kanye’s ‘Heartless’.


1 – Kelly Clarkson’s cover of ‘Lose Yourself’ (originally by Eminem)

This is the one that wowed the heck out of me. The original Eminem track is phenomenal – super motivational and amazing. But Clarkson’s jazzy rendition is just as fabulous.

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