The weather outside ain’t frightful!

Today – March 7th, if you’ve been under a rock – the temperature in Toronto hit a high of 16°C.

Which is really high for March; usually, we hover between -4°C and +4°C.

Now, you won’t hear me complain about the warm, sunny day we had today (except for the fact that I was chained to a desk for most of it. Which sucked. But whatever.) – but, don’t get me wrong: I love winter. I love hot chocolate, and I love skating and making snowmen and trying to catch snowflakes. . . .

I just feel that, if there’s no snow to ski on or toboggan over, then it should be sunny and hot.

No, my rant lies in this:


Courtesy of: Boulet Fermat

Really, fellow Torontonians?

It’s warm, that’s true. But it’s not that warm.

Warm enough for just one pair of socks, yes; Warm enough for a tube top, no. It’s also not warm enough for short skirts without stockings, shorts of any kind, open-footed shoes, or sheer blouses.

And yet, on the somewhat windy streets of this great city, I saw all of this.

You’re eager, I get it. I myself wore a thin pair of leotards with my dress today. And I even switched out my long winter coat for my short one (crazy, I know).

But you’re also perpetuating that Canadiana stereotype – you know, “Look at all ’em Kan-eh-diens. Can’t feel the cold no more, wearin’ all ’em shorts in the snow….”

All I’m saying is this: be patient. Summer will come and, if this trend keeps up, it will be a hawt one.


What do YOU think? Is it too soon for shorts and sandals?


(photo cutline:

Courtesy of : Boulet Fermat)

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