The Village Theatre Presents The Rocky Horror Picture Show

RockyHorrorPictureShowWow!  Did the Village Theatre in Waterdown, Ontario ever blow me away this past weekend with their currently running version of Richard O’Brian’s cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The show is directed by Matt Moore (who reminds me of a young Orson Welles, which obviously is not a bad thing… actually, something I like very much). I watched Moore in action during the dress rehearsal that I was kindly invited to attend. I was there for opening night, too, for the plain fact that I knew it would be amazing, and I didn’t want to miss a thing!

Chris Cracknell is astonishing in the role of Dr. Frank N Furter. His energy is so pumped up that even I wanted to get up and join him on stage. He’s very sexy, and cheeky… His boots are to die for, probably impossible to walk in, but he struts with sass and style. His natural long hair and extreme wardrobe fit him beautifully. I am perfectly fine with saying I think he could even give actor Tim Curry a run for his money.

Cracknell’s voice is strong and he sings with wit, especially in ‘Planet Schmanet’, and the audience loved his too-cool of an entrance on ‘Sweet Transvestite’. I have not one complaint about his acting ability throughout his performance and would love to see him in future projects.

Dustin Jodway as Brad Majors was a very nice surprise. He has a powerful, yet beautiful voice, perfectly clear, and he carries the one man song ‘Once in a While’ very elegantly. Jodway played an exceptional Brad. His lovely fiance Janet Weiss (played by Erin Dunnigan) was a cut above what I had expected, and her voice was also excellent for the part.

Riff Raff was played by Erik Canaria, and his sister/lover Magenta (played by Katlyn Alcock-Snider) was perfectly animated and seductive. Mallory Greene danced her butt off as Columbia and Loren Lieberman rocked out as Eddie’s character (originally depicted by Meat Loaf), as well as Dr. Scott’s.

Dan Megaffin as Rocky Horror absolutely stole the show in so many scenes that I was jaw-on-the-floor amazed; I hadn’t even payed this much attention to the original character I grew up watching. He is so hot that I think both male and female audience members would have a problem not being attracted to this character… I can’t even explain how good he looks in everything from his little shorts to the high heels and corset! More important is his acting ability, which is, without a doubt, way beyond his young years, and his singing… like I said, he stole the show far too often.

So everybody remember the name Dan Megaffin… I’m sure he will one day be one of Canada’s great actors if he keeps going like he is now.

The narration, done by Mike Queripel, was a highlight of the show, as well. Queripel was clever and humorous, and was excellent at interacting with the audience.

The musical numbers, directed by James Medeiros, were all so good, ‘Time Warp’ was smashing, and I fell in love with ‘Don’t Dream It’. Every song meshed marvellously with the, at times, ‘hands-on’ dancing ‘Phantoms’. The shows co-choreographer Lila Hunt did a superb job at giving us that audience/cast interaction that the shows are known for.

The set designs were nice, and basic. The acting, and the whole show in general, was so fantastic, I didn’t pay much attention to that detail.

I must say it was one of the best shows I have seen in a really long time, and I recommend it for all!

The show runs at the Village Theatre in Waterdown from February 17 to March 3.

For information on how to get tickets please visit:

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