The Red Moon Music Collective

RedMoonCollectiveWhat’s going on in Toronto on Saturday night?

With a million things to do and a thousand more places to explore, I found myself in a cozy loft downtown on the last Saturday of January, with the Red Moon Collective for their monthly jam night.

Bluesy East Indian music – is that an electric sitar?

There are women dancing braless, and drinking red wine in coffee mugs. Meanwhile, a middle-aged hippy type sketches the performers with charcoal.

I’m feeling kind of hip, for me anyway.

There is a mix of music and poetry and an all around sense of community – everyone is welcome, and, more importantly, everyone feels welcome.

The collective was started in July of 2009 and has featured over 700 performers. The events are recorded and shared among members as well as the web, via Facebook and YouTube.

In a vast concrete jungle, the Red Moon gives a feeling of community and real connection.

It’s a poetry slam, drum circle, jam, dance party and more, all in one.

Connect, express, play!

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