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TheLuckyOnesFresh off their victory at the Toronto Independent Music Awards, The Lucky Ones’ head honcho, Steve Stumble, sat down and caught up with Raz Mataz Magazine.


Raz Mataz Magazine (RMM): Who was your competition at the TIMAs? Are you guys pro/con awards? Did you guys rip it up afterwards?

Steve Stumble (SS): CJ Sleeze and Sumo Cyco. . . . I’m not overly big on awards, but is always nice to be recognized for what you do! Well, I was the only one from the band who made the awards show because of Thanksgiving, but I ripped it up at the Bouncing Souls show after the awards . . . .


RMM: What got you (and if you can speak for the other members, go right ahead) into music?

SS: Well, for as long as I can remember I’ve been a big music fan. I remember going to the USA with my parents as a kid and being able to buy one or two 7″ singles every week and I’ve pretty much been hooked on music ever since!


RMM: How did the band form?

SS: Well, Rob, our bass player, and Chris, our guitar player, had been writing some songs and asked if I’d come check them out, and we’ve been a band pretty ever since, for just over three years now.


RMM: What instrument do you play, what kind of set up is it? (for the music nerds out there)

SS: I’m the singer for the band, so it’s a complex set up . . . a mic stand and a microphone!


RMM: What are the influences (both direct and indirect) that keep the band going and recording?

SS: Well, we all grew up listening to all kinds of U.K., Canadian and American punk rock, our love of this music and playing live keeps us going and recording.


RMM: What are some things that new listeners should know about the band? 

SS: That we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel. . . . We’re just writing catchy tunes and having fun and a good time!


RMM: What are the crowds like at your shows?

SS: We have a loyal fan base that comes and supports us all the time. Our shows are always fun and seem to be booze-fueled!


RMM: Obviously, St.Catharines, Ont., has a wide and varied music and art community, and one of its growing showcases, S.C.E.N.E.; what has been your experience with that? Any show highlights?

SS: We’ve played S.C.E.N.E. the past three years. It’s a great time, from what I hear, but I’m always running the festival so I don’t get to enjoy it personally, but it’s quite the all day event!


RMM: Stumble Records – what’s a typical day in the life like running it? 

SS: Well, it’s not as busy as it used to be! Like back in the day, when people actually bought music! [Laughs] But yeah, it’s usually just trying to push our releases on social media and trying to make sure everything is out and shipped and on time, etc. . . besides that, we’re either organizing festivals or booking some random tour dates . . . .


RMM: What can people expect at one of your shows? 

SS: A damn good time! And a bunch of other people having a good time with us! Some of our shows are pretty legendary for being too much fun for some people to handle!


RMM: What has been the balls-out worst crowd you’ve played? What has been the best?

SS: Best show I can remember is opening for one of my all time favourite bands, Stiff Little Fingers at Lee’s Palace in Toronto. Worst . . . hmmmm, I remember there being a really bad show in Oshawa. . . . But, to be honest, most of our shows have been pretty decent.


RMM: Your reverbnation page refers to your music as other/punk/drunk; what’s punk mean to you and what’s drunk mean to you?

SS: I hate the question of what does punk mean to you. I think it’s different for everybody. There is no correct answer for it. Some people think it’s about politics and other people think it’s about bad hygiene and standing on the corner with a squeegee. To me, it’s more about “Fuck The System, Fuck the Rules, Do anything you wanna do!” And do it yourself – DIY! But one thing is for sure, without the music, it all amounts to a pile of zero!


RMM: Being Canadian we are known to imbibe. What are some of the bands favoured drinks?

SS: Beer! Whiskey! Cider! Sometimes all three mixed together at the same time!


RMM: What’s something new bands should be prepared for when they are looking to tour and record?

SS: Well, you’ve gotta be smart about touring these days, because gas prices are ridiculous. Make sure it’s worth it, or you at least break even or come close to breaking even. Make sure you’re out supporting a release. You want to leave people with something and you want them to come back and see you again. If you leave nothing behind, there is no reason for people to come back and see you! You should treat your band like a business. A successful business does not lose money. As for recording, make sure you can get the best recording you can possibly get. You can skip so many stages as a new band by having an amazing demo to start with and not some record that sounds like you pressed play on your ghetto blaster.


RMM: If money was no object, and you could put together a supergroup to tour with, who would you pick?

SS: Hmmm. . . . I love The Toy Dolls; The Addicts would be cool also! I’d love to be able to play with Cock Sparrer as well and even doing a tour with old friends like Rancid and Dropkick Murphys would be cool also. . . .


RMM: Whats the one song, in the whole of history, since music has existed, that you wish you personally had written and why?

SS: ‘Do Anything You Wanna Do’ by Eddie & The Hotrods (


For more information on The Lucky Ones, visit their website at . And be sure to check out their latest video for the song, ‘St. Paul & Queen’:

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