The Internet

TheInternetIn many of my music conversations, I like to bring up one of my favourite duos, The Internet. But, unfortunately, people think I am literally talking about the world wide web.

Syd tha Kyd and Matt Martians are two very talented producers of Odd Future who decided to move in with each other and form their own group under OF, alongside a couple of their other friends on drums, piano, and guitar.

Syd started off as Odd Future’s main DJ, always quiet, always in the background, and only really known as the lesbian of the wolfpack, so when it was announced that she would be the lead singer of a group that she made on her own, it was surprising.

Nonetheless, The Internet makes music that, at times, is too unique to categorize (“alternative” is the easy way out). The beats are mellow, her voice is smooth and soft, and the lyrics are relatable. Matt Martians is a name that only the die-hard OFWGKTA fans would recognize. He is behind almost all of the weird group drawings and does a lot of the production, which makes the collaboration between him and Syd damn near perfect.

Around this time last year, they came out with their debut album, Purple Naked Ladies. The album was solid from beginning to end even though sales might have said otherwise. Off of the album, they released two videos, ‘Cocaine’ and ‘Fastlane’, which was shot in two parts, as Syd on a killing spree (‘Fastlane’) straight into her getaway (‘Cocaine’), but released backwards.

They did a small East Coast / West Coast tour, which consisted of about five very small shows on each coast. I was able to see the group when they came to Toronto’s Mod Club, and the show, just like the band, was very intimate and laid back, playing almost every song off of their debut record.

A few weeks ago, they released a new track titled ‘Give it Time’, off of a new project they are working on for 2013. This song is perfect for cruising or simply just kicking back at home in peace. If you like guitar, drums, and keys, this song is on the brink of excellence.


For more of The Internet’s songs and remixes, check out their soundcloud:

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