Téa Petrovic

TeaVancouver’s Téa makes a real effort to engage the crowd at Czehoski on Wednesday night.

But she doesn’t need to: her smooth, bluesy vocals, and jazzy rock music have every person in the joint enthralled.

She stands behind a keyboard for much of her set, but Téa’s passion is really embodied through her voice. All at once, it is bluesy and smooth, mixing a jazzy scat sound with straight R&B, invoking a real full and smokey atmosphere.

‘Say Something’, off her new EP of the same name, is full of soft catchy hooks, but isn’t repetitive. Téa’s vocals are smooth, soft and almost sad, lending a painful, but beautiful, edge to the song.

Most of Téa’s set introduced a different musical element, making for constantly engaging music.

Blending ska and hip hop into tea’s usual retro soul roster, ‘I Don’t Want to Know’ plays with building volumes and classical elements, not to mention cheeky lyrics, while ‘Fire and Flame’ had an R&B slant to it.

‘7 Ways’, meanwhile, superimposed straight jazzy elements over Téa’s barroom vocals, and ‘Last Man On Earth’ really showcased her smooth, solid vocals and truly full sound.

Téa will next return to Ontario later this month for gigs in Mississauga and Windsor. Find more at www.teasmusic.com.

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