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TaraPriya-GoodbyeRomeoWhile Tara Priya’s EP was bright, bubbly and fun, her sophomore effort is deeper, darker and more powerful. While her self-titled debut shoved her into the spotlight, forcing her amazingly pure and utterly soulful voice to take centre stage, Priya’s latest seven-track album is sure to keep her there.

Goodbye Romeo shows a different side to the petit San Francisco-native; one that isn’t afraid to admit that she’s been hurt, and one that isn’t afraid to do something about it.

Cue ‘Achin”. It’s smooth, deep and soulful, and really embodies that darker direction that Priya seems to have turned. Her vocals are still as pure as ever – the result of many years of singing lessons – but take on a smoky, sultry tinge.

Oddly enough, the record’s title track offsets this shadowy mood. ‘Goodbye, Romeo’ is full of positive light and empowerment. The song starts sweetly – Priya’s voice a light soprano, and a tiny tink of piano. Then the whisper of a hi-hat. A strong bass line punches in. Then the horns – those same ones that Priya’s live show is known for.

‘Run Like Hell’, though, is dark lyrically, while fun and upbeat musically. The track, which has a music video to accompany it, is full of full bassey drums, springy guitars, and yes, the horns. Lyrically, though, the track depicts a strong Priya, ready to say get lost:

“You see me doubtin’, baby / And I’m vicious when I’m crazy / So cover up those baby blues / ‘Cause this bitch is on the loose.”

But my absolute favourite track is the hidden one. ‘Devil’s Gonna Drag You Down’ is a deep dark song, opening with a solid clap, clap, clap, before Priya’s breathy voice swells in.

“Mouth like a firecracker / Eyes like a boy / Hands of a man whose never known joy,” she sings as the bass line warbles into the forefront. As eerily captivating as the music is, it’s Priya’s voice that really solidifies the track. With ease, she slides from a solid belt, to an angry growl, to a pure, smooth coo.

Goodbye, Romeo is available at tarapriya.com.

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