Still reeling. . .

Am I still reeling or what?!

It’s been a doozey of a week-and-a-half! Even though CMW is long over (ok, not that long…), we at  Raz Mataz  have been crazy busy.

We’ve been writing a big bunch of articles on everyone from The Sheepdogs to Ania Soul and everyone in between. And we’ve got more to come.

During CMW, as you may have heard, Meighan and I attended the Indie Awards. And, aside from feeling super uncool, we got to talk (well, Meighan did the talking, I did the gawking/picture-taking) to a bunch of really awesome people, like Rob Dyer of Skate 4 Cancer. Rob does a bunch of amazing work for people suffering from cancer. I could try to explain everything he does, but there’s no sense. Just click here, and help him out with his amazing work!

We also talked to Rich Aucoin, who left us feeling sooo good!

Check out a full list of Indie Award winners after the jump!

Anyway, check out our new specials section. Right now, it only has CMW on it, but soon enough it’ll cover every single festival we go to!


And don’t forget:

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