Sandman Viper Command

SandmanViperCommandThis young Toronto based band  graced the stage at Lee’s Palace on the 24th, bringing their own version of psych garage.

The self-proclaimed vinyl enthusiasts are heavily influenced by Sonic Youth, as well as their parents extensive record collection.

I had a chance to catch up with Rob Janson (guitar and vocals) and Dan Reardon (guitar) over the phone earlier this week to discuss their upcoming album, summer tour plans and of course their plans for Canadian Music Week.

Their highly anticipated album will see the return of Canadian producer Dave King, who has worked with big names like Holy Fuck and Ron Sexsmith.

“He was really a voice of wisdom,” says Janson. “He taught us how to make a marketable album while still keeping our artistic integrity.”

King also showed the band a few Queen master tapes during the recording process.

“It was so cool to see those huge songs broken down,” says Reardon. “It takes the mystery out of those big bands to hear how they got each sound with layers of vocal tracks or whatever.”

Sandman Viper Command are huge fans of solid classics like the Beatles and the Band.

“We want to emulate that band mentality not so much the sound,” they say.

Another great piece of advice producer Dave King gave them was. . . .

“Be confident in your band and the vibe will come from that.”

The band is more concerned with capturing the experience, having fun and getting stoked, and having that translate into the record.

As far as the live shows go, they stick close to record format of their songs, but waver only if it evolves naturally and feels right.

“It’s like painting the same picture with different brush strokes,” Janson says.

The one thing that can be said about Sandman Viper Command is that they stick very close to the organic evolution of music, capturing a true honest vibe while infusing new life into rock and roll.

The boys draw from the tried and true for their listening pleasure such as the Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison and Buddy Guy.

They love the blues, and Miles Davis kind of blue is always a solid contender for any listening session.

They do have a few worries, since the average age of the band is 24. They’re getting nervous about becoming an “old guy in a band”, but since this is their third appearance at CMW, I think they’re on the right track.

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