Ron Dias :: Everything’s Possible (EP)

RonDias-EverythingsPossibleNow, I must say this first that I am not a huge person when it comes to hip-hop or rap, but there are exceptions (like Drake, Kanye West, Jay-Z (not by himself, in my opinion, but that’s another topic. . .), Iggy Azalea, Queen Latifa, and even old school groups like Kid ‘n Play, Fugees, and the lists goes on. I am mostly a person for old school R&B, like Aaliyah, Lauryn Hill, SWV, 702, Monica, Brandy, and, as of right now, I like Frank Ocean, and I’m starting listening to Tyler the Creator (I know these guys aren’t exactly R&B, but they are musical styles that I’m venturing into . . . .)

Anywho, back to the topic at hand – and that’s Ron Dias.

So, I’ve been on Twitter lately and I have been seeing a lot  of people tweeting about an up-and-coming artist from Toronto by the name of Ron Dias. Now, I am following Ron Dias on Twitter and on Tumblr, and he follows me, as well (follow back – the golden rule) and I honestly did not know who he was or what he was about except that he was into music.

Like I mentioned, I have seen many people on Twitter mentioning Ron Dias, and finally I decided, You know what, I’m going to download this man’s stuff, and I hope it doesn’t suck ass. Nah, nah, nah, Alex, don’t think like that; let’s just give it a chance. . . .

So I will say this: I am very surprised! Most of the time I do not connect well with Canadian artists, whether it’s hip hop, R&B, rock, punk etc . . . but Ron Dias’ album, Everything’s Possible (EP), was something I just had to put on my iPhone, and was something I just had to leave on my MacBook. I’m not really the kind of person to say Yes, you’re doing everything right, but, to be honest, there wasn’t anything I did not like. Out of the seven songs there were some I liked more than others, but none were bad.

My favourite song so far is ‘Public Apology’ – the bass in that track just goes hard, the piano melody, everything about the beat in that song is great. The track just says to me “If you ain’t with me, you better get with me!” – something Ron Dias should be proud of, because I am pretty sure that, in the near future, he will be someone many people can connect with, and not just the Toronto urban demographic.

Another song that I liked was ‘Never Let Up’, featuring Shi Wisdom. I haven’t heard any of Ron Dias’ music on the radio (yet!), but I’m pretty sure I will eventually, and I’m pretty sure it is because many people have been tweeting about it.

Another very popular song amongst the Twitter community (Ron Dias’ fan base) is also a great song, that very much touches an issue that many women happen to deal with, which is the infinite disappointment that many men happen to bring to women. It’s not a male-bashing song, but mostly a song (to me) that we as humans need to cherish the good things in life, like family and friends, and minimize the importance of money or clothes or the flashy bling. Men having respect for women and for themselves, women having respect for men and also for ourselves. The significance of saying “lay me down” is saying that life is not always about standing, and walking to see the truth, but it’s also okay to take a different position, and seeing a new perspective on things. When you are able to see a new perspective, you gain new insight, and ideas about the world, and your life – but I could be wrong; it could just be a physical thing where you are just lying down (haha); but who knows . . . .

That’s the great things about music though: everyone all over the world can interpret lyrics, melody, bass and all others things in a song differently. Music reminds us as to how different human beings are, and how we connect through our differences.

So, overall Ron Dias’ Everything’s Possible (EP) is a very good listen. He’s not a Drake imitation, he’s very much a name of his own. Not to say that Ron Dias and Drake could or would not do a song together – no hate in music, only sharing – and growth musical genius, I guess. Hopefully, we get to hear a lot more of Ron Dias.

I suggest you download his Everything’s Possible (EP) at

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