Roger Waters

RogerWatersFans were pleased to tears on June 23 at Toronto’s Rogers Centre when Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters gave all who came an aspiring display of Pink Floyd’s 1979 epic album, The Wall. It was an incredibly well-put-together, blatant in-your-face political statement using visual depictions of the things the world wants to forget about, or pretend didn’t – and still are not – happening. Exactly what the greatest double album in the world was written about – war, government and mass media corruption.

Waters supplied audiences around the world with an experience that I’m sure will be hard to ever feel, hear or see again. The production was honestly jaw-dropping; it was over-the-top surreal. Pictures and video clips dating from WWI were displayed on a screen that extends 500 feet in length alone. Set up like the infamous Berlin Wall, the bricks start to slowly fill in like puzzle pieces. Bats took over the screen at one point, giving one hell of an illusion.

During ‘Goodbye Blue Sky’, bombs were dropped from war planes; within these ‘bombs’ were Stars of David, hammer and sickles, dollar signs and even the classic McDonald’s golden arches. Parts from the 1982 movie The Wall were shown as well – the marching hammers, the fornicating/fighting Salvador Dali-like flowers, and the insanly large and creepy cartoon characters.

The helicopter sound effect used during ‘The Happiest Days of Our Lives’ was so realistic and haunting – becoming louder and louder, creeping up from behind the crowd. ‘Mother’ was sung beautifully and the crowd joined in – I could feel the love of music and heartache in the air. Both parts of the album were mind blowing.

Part 1 was my favourite, but they also had an intermission between the two parts, which I thought that was a well-designed concept.

My personal favourite track was ‘Vera’. I couldn’t hold my tears in; it was something I waited to hear live since I was a little girl and it was just perfect. Photos and clips of Vera Lynn were shown during the song, making it extra special. There was not one thing that I didn’t get out of the concert except David Gilmour . . . but that’s just me being greedy.

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