Rich Aucoin

RichAucoinWhat can make you feel better than a bottle of Prozac and a  sunny day?

A Rich Aucoin show, of course.

Starting his live show with a multimedia production featuring dozens of feel-good messages, such as “Be Awesome” and “You are alive”, the audience is left in a frenzy of good vibes and smiles.

Between parachute games, bright flashing lights, confetti shot guns and sing-alongs, Rich Aucoin is that burst of excitement and super shot of self esteem we all so desperately need.

So who is this Indie Emerging Artist winner, and where did he come from?

Rich Aucoin first started back in 2007 bicycling between his feel-good vibes to raise money for cancer.

He hails from Halifax, and I had a chance to meet him the weekend of his Big Break.

It was August of 2010, and Rich was playing an opening gig in Montreal for of Montreal.

That happened to be the same weekend as the famed Osheaga Music Festival.

I happened to be in attendance for the of Montreal show, and was so blown away with Aucoin’s performance and the shear volume of happiness I was filled with, that I mustered the strength to drag an abandoned living room set across two city blocks and set up a comfy cozy chill zone next to his tour van after the gig.

After several minutes of excited conversation, I learned that Cage the Elephant was no longer going to be able to make their slot at tomorrow’s Osheaga, and Rich had gotten the call to fill in.

After  bringing his energy pumped set to thousands at the Montreal festival, the rest is history.

He has since been touring everywhere from Australia, to Brazil, to Amsterdam, and back again. It’s no wonder he is taking to month of April off to mellow out and work on his second self-recorded, self-produced album in his Halifax home.

Though record sales are declining across the continent, Rich isn’t bothered a bit.

“At the end of my show, I just put my phone number up on the screen, and if you want my music just send me a text and I’ll send it to you for free,” he says with a smile.

This guy in single-handedly reminding us that there are still good people out there in the world, and in the music industry.

Rich will be spending May touring Nova Scotia and the U.K., before stops at the Hangout Music Festival in Alabama and the Camp Bisco Festival in New York.

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