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MTV Australia Video Music Awards 2007I’ll be the first to say it: the Red Hot Chili Peppers haven’t really been on top of their game as of late. Though I’m With You wasn’t actually a bad album on it’s own, as a Chili Peppers album, it was seriously lacking.

Understandably, I was very excited when it was announced in May that they were going to release 18 new singles some time around late 2012. It was their chance to redeem themselves.

And, man, does redemption sound sweet. This two-track EP shows the Chili Peppers at their finest.

‘Hometown Gypsy’, an upbeat country-esqe track begins to prove itself quick, with Anthony Kiedis singing lines like “Jacked up on some Kerouac / And surely bullet proof”, hits you with lyricism and smart innuendos that were long dead and buried alongside Californication. Picking up along the chorus, Flea’s bass line is drowned out as Josh Klinghoffer’s bluesy riffs turn into the Chili Peppers’ signature guitar: fast, wailing and funky. All together, this makes for a great track that I assumed I would never hear again.

The second track, ‘The Sunset Sleeps’, takes an even more melancholy approach.

Flea delivers slow bass lines as Kinghoffer plays a sharp, whining guitar alongside Chad Smith’s quick symbols. However, yet again, it’s Kiedis who surprises, singing a ballad, not unlike ‘Dosed’, delivering powerful lines like: “I’m so tired / Well, I’d get by but I could use a few”. Just going to show that Kiedis still hasn’t lost his lyrical touch that made the band unique over a decade ago.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers show that a two-song release, can be just as powerful as an album; and, with two more right around the bend, it’s exciting to see what they have planned next.

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