Record Store Day 2012

Raz Mataz Top Five Record Store Releases!

Beach House: ‘Lazuli’, with b-side ‘Equal Mind’ on 7″ (Sub Pop)

The first single of their new album Bloom (check out what Raz Mataz thought of the whole album, simply click here) accompanied by the non-album cut ‘Equal Mind’.


Blouse/Craft Spells: ‘Gruesome Flowers 2’/’A tribute to the Wake’ on 7″ (Captured Tracks)

Two covers of the kick-ass ’80s Factory band, The Wake!


The Flaming Lips: The Flaming Lips and the Heady Fwends LP (Warner Bros)

Collaborations with Bon Iver, Nick Cave, Ke$ha (I hope they added her with due irony), Chris Martin, Yoko Ono, Neon Indian, and more. (Some of the packaging will contain samples of the collaborators’ actual blood.)


Mastondon/Feist: ‘Black Tongue’/’A Commotion’ on 7″ (Cherrytree/Interscope/Reprise)

It’s just good shit, man.


Pussy Galore: Feel Good About Your Body EP on 7″ (Shove)

Reissues of the band’s debut, which was originally self-released in ’85.


Amazing releases this year, kids, so get out there in the rain, and line up!

But, to be honest, aside from the bad-ass releases, Record Store Day wasn’t everything I was hoping it would be here in Canada’s indie music capital.

Maybe it’s because I don’t really do crowds – I would much rather listen to my favourite band alone through headphones, than head to an over-crowded venue and hear them live.

The schoomzing, the pushing, the waiting; all the smells, everyone’s warm, damp body pushing into you. . .

So all things considered, once inside an over-crowed Sonic Boom, I got my interview with employee of five years Brad Davis, caught a few tunes by the Borne Ruffians and got the fuck of out there!

Brad says it’s been like this since they opened the doors at ten in the morning.

“There was a line-up down the street,” he says.

The albums that really flew off the shelves this morning were the Feist and Mastodon collaboration and The Neil Young/Rick James 7″.

Today’s live line-up includes Plants and Animals, and the Borne Ruffians.

I learn the bands are all playing for free but are taking donations of canned goods for the food bank.

Geez, good vibes and good causes all around. Regardless, it is far too crowded and I need to find refuge.

I hit up Sound Scape hoping a smaller store means a smaller crowd, and I was half right.

The College Street shop is still buzzing with activity. Sound Scape is offering 10% off all merchandise, as well as a live set by the Elwins at seven!

Employee Mike Smith says they had line-ups here this morning as well.

I’m scared of the hordes of kids in skinny jeans and bald men in Pink Floyd t-shirts running around. Record Store Day is over for me.

Time to head home, hide out and listen to that bad ass Pussy Galore re-issue!

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