Pregnancy Scares :: Pregnancy Scares

PregnancyScares-PregnancyScaresListen – I hate genre/label psycho-babble shit with such explosive passion only snake-wielding Baptist preachers or southern cult leaders could understand.

Really, once you get past all the BS, there are only two types of music: good, and bad. And don’t let a kid in Sperry’s and a Morrissey tee tell you any different.

Which leads me into Pregnancy Scares, an Ottawa four-piece, with a great name who don’t suck. They’re releasing their self-titled seven-inch EP debut for Deranged this week, and it plays like a fever-dream in hell.

Nothing fake, nothing glossy, just blood sweat and feedback.

A refreshing change in the world of bloated hippydom and Canadian music in general. Finally we have a band that doesn’t look like a pack of goldrush-era train engineers. . . .

‘American Uncle’ and ‘Cross-Eyed Man’ are the best examples of dexterity and underlying influence packing enough hardcore for the whole class. And at six minutes and change, the EP plays lean and dirty, showing real promise for further sonic abuse.

But, hell, just pick this up and pray these fellas put out more stuff.

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