Music Video Fest 2012


Kardinall Offishall walks the carpet at the Music Video Fest (part of the Reel World Film Festival) in April 2012

Friday, the Thirteenth; what better way to spend the eeriest day of the year than watching over 20 different music videos in a movie theatre with Kardinall Offishall?

Okay, okay – the events have virtually nothing in common, but it was a damn-good evening none-the-less.

Justin Nozuka showed the video for his song ‘Gone’, which features RZA, Kobra Khan and James Black. The song is a tribute to the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard, and is a wonderful tribute at that.

‘Gone’ perfectly captures all the feelings that we struggle with when we lose a loved one. Lyrics like:

“Woke up this morning, hoped that / It was all a nightmare, you’re gone / Tried to get out of my bed / I couldn’t fine no reason, you’re gone / It breaks my heart, ’cause I’ll never see you again. . . .”

– are simple, but they’re poignant, too.

On the more light-hearted side of things, was D’Sisive’s ‘No More Words’. The track is solid – it’s smooth, it’s fun, and it’s well mastered. The video, though, stole the show. The amount of working going into it had to be vast, but it was for two other reasons that I fell in love with it.

First, the man firmly represents Toronto (city-dwellers can recognize where he’s walking) and pop culture (he makes references to Winona Ryder, Joaquin Phoenix, Madonna, K’naan, and many more.

But the second reason that I and everyone else in that packed theatre in Toronto fell in love with this video happens at the two-minute mark of the film. I won’t ruin it for you, but you need to promise me that you’ll go see the video. . . .

SonReal showed the video for ‘Already There’, featuring Rich Kidd (who was feature in the promo video for the Toronto Independent Music Awards). The song is fun and upbeat, and the video offers an accurate look into the trouble with trying to make it (day job taking up to much time to follow the real deal, anyone?)

‘The Day Doesn’t Day’ by Classified showed another reality – being beat down, both mentally and physically. Classified offers a wise moral to a tough lesson. The video is powerful and enticing  – and no wonder; it was directed and written by the incredibly talented RT!.

There were a ton of other amazing videos – like Candy Coated Killahz’s ‘Light Up This City’, Rochester’s ‘Let My Tape Rock’, Najjah Calibur’s ‘So Far (Been A Pleaure)’, Kool Krys’ ‘Show Stopper’, and Shad’s ‘Keep Shining’.

But, the true draw of the night was Kardinall Offishall’s ‘The Invention of Truth’. The video for the song functioned as a short film.

The film part of the video was interesting: a light on the type of relationships that some of us won’t know, or that some of us are already a part of.

The song was amazing (obviously; I mean, it’s Kardinall Offishall. . .).

Following the preview of the video, Kardinall sat down with director RT! for a brief interview.

During the interview, Kardinall said the video/film, which he helped write, is about trying to get out of the negative cycles that we find ourselves in. He offered advice to the crowd: be your own man, and don’t care about those hangers-on, who will try to drag you down.

They also talked about the changes that the music video industry will soon see. Anyone with a camera (or a cell phone, for that matter) can shoot a video, but a good video, like those that aired last night, are hard to come by. And as RT! said: a bad video can ruin a song, an album, a career.

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