MODSUNMOD SUN. An acronym for Movement On Dreams x Stand Under None.

Or, in other words, the man that made the smile audible.

MOD SUN (aka, Dylan Smith) is a hippy hop artist from Minnesota. He stands for positivity, optimism, unity, and all things exhibiting kindness. I stumbled upon MOD SUN’s music a year ago while listening to another fantastic artist, Shwayze, and I have not stopped listening to MOD SUN since. I can truthfully say my days have been much brighter since his music has been in my head 24/7. His positive lyrics keep you smiling throughout his songs and you can’t help but feel ecstatic thereafter. If there’s ever a time (other than all of the time, in my opinion) when you should wildly dance around and feel completely free of all life’s pressures, it’s while listening to a MOD SUN track.

One of his lyrics I cannot stop randomly blurting out is:

“I changed my life when I met good vibes / And found out the grass is hella green / On both sides.”

If that doesn’t speak to you then you should probably move on to reading or listening to something less optimistic, or just listen to more MOD SUN.

What’s equally as rad as his music and perfectly groovy appearance is that he refers to his fans as his friends and they (including I) belong to the FriendBase, not fan base; and he truly treats his fans like friends. He’s the first artist I’ve ever heard of doing so and it’s completely admirable (reason: no other artists consider their fans as their friends.)

MOD SUN is performing at each date of the Vans Warped Tour (with his charming pal, Pat Brown) this summer and I got the pleasure of seeing him perform at the Toronto tour date. It was one of the most fascinating 30 minutes of my life. Think I’m overemphasizing? Go see MOD SUN. His energy is at an extremely high level which hits you and lingers within you. Also, it’s like watching a young Steven Tyler bounce around on stage. Pure bliss.

Once Warped Tour was said and done for the evening, my best friend and I ended up hanging out with MOD SUN and his crew until they left Toronto for the next tour destination. Everyone I met had as inspiring an energy as he does and I genuinely felt like I could hang around these individuals forever and be beyond content. The day and evening ended up being such a breath of fresh air that I unknowingly needed. I met some magical friends that day and I cannot wait for our next date of shenanigans. I sense a lot of tie-dye and happy times in the future.

So, like my friend MOD SUN, I take my glass half full with a twist. Preferably on a hot summer day while frolicking along the ocean in Malibu.


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