Mitt Romney Supporters’ Election Loss Playlist

ElectionLossPlaylistAfter one of the closest presidential elections in recent memory, the losing side is likely to feel a myriad of emotions. Mitt Romney supporters are likely feeling pissed off, frustrated, and sad, and that’s perfectly fine because so much emotion was invested in one of the most hotly-contested American elections of all time. So even though they will not get smaller government, thanks to Barack Obama’s re-election, along with greater control on federal spending and job creation fostered through the private sector, Mitt Romney supporters can still take heart. They can console themselves over the next little while by assembling one hell of an awesome playlist that will, hopefully, take the sting out of the Obama re-election . . . at least a little bit! After all, whenever I’m feeling a little discontent, I always put on some sweet tunes, and my upside down frown becomes a smile in no time.


‘Loser’ by 3 Doors Down

This one’s a no-brainer for sure! I mean, if you’re Conservative, Republican or just a right-leaning independent, you invested a lot of emotion, time and effort into getting Obama removed from office. Sadly, things didn’t quite work out your way, even though half the U.S. still does not like the president. Clearly, you feel like . . . a loser. What better way to go with that feeling than to immerse yourself in the post-grunge chords of Brad Arnold and company? Although ‘Loser’ was originally composed by Arnold to chronicle a childhood chum’s addiction to cocaine, Romney supporters should still be able to easily sing along with this little ditty.


‘Break Stuff’ by Limp Bizkit

Remember Fred Durst? Yeah, few people still do, but if you were in high school in the late ’90s and early 2000s, chances are that you probably got your fill of Limp Bizkit just because it was so omnipresent on the radio and on MuchMusic at the time. If you wanted Obama to lose so that more economically effective policies could be implemented, you’re likely very angry right now that you’ll have to live another four years in a country with, at best, stagnant growth. Why not console yourself by getting into the spirit of Fred Durst’s frustrated teen-boy anthem of destruction? It’s a lot safer than, you know, actually breaking stuff.


‘Down in a Hole’ by Alice in Chains

Romney supporters are probably feeling equal doses of sadness and anger, and ‘Down in a Hole’ will definitely appeal to their inner sadness. While today’s Alice in Chains – with “lead singer” William Duvall – is nothing close to the wickedness of the original lineup with the late, great Layne Staley on vocals, I believe that blues-experiencing Romney supporters can get a lot out of this tune. Variously believed to either be about Staley’s drug addiction or Jerry Cantrell’s failing relationship issues at the time, ‘Down in a Hole’ perfectly captures the mood of nearly half of all Americans who desperately wanted to see change in the White House, only to be helped to another four years of Obama.


‘Hush’ by Tool

Alright, we’re back to the anger with this one. For most of their career, Tool, the progressive metal masters that they are, have been known for mystical and highly intelligent compositions, but in the beginning of their career . . . they were really, really pissed off, for some reason. The mood of ‘Hush’ dovetails perfectly with the rage that almost half of Americans must certainly feel at the re-election of a divisive president. So if you voted for Romney and need to blow off a lot of steam, feel free to sing along with ‘Hush’, but do mind your swearing.


‘I Hate Everything About’ You by Three Days Grace 

Perhaps this song would be more ideal for a kid being abused by his alcoholic dad or a tween relationship gone sour, but I think that some Romney supporters must be pretty angry at being told that they have to take Obama’s policies of wealth re-distribution and green energy promotion for another four years! Sooooo, if Romney supporters don’t mind singing along to alt-metal from almost ten years ago that would probably be better suited for an episode of Degrassi, I think they can still get a lot out of this tune. I mean, c’mon! With an ultra-divided electorate in the U.S., you mean to tell me that some people don’t outright hate the president by now?

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