Beach House :: Bloom

BeachHouse-BloomBloom is the fourth instalment by our favourite dream pop duo, Beach House.

The band brought back Teen Dream producer Chris Coady who has worked with Blond Red Head and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

This is an album’s album: with no immediate single, the listener is taken through a transcendent journey filled with shimmering lyrics, glimmering guitar riffs and Fruity Loop drum beats.

It is the perfect balance of deeply blissful psychedelia and simple, swaying thumps and beats.

Vocalist Victoria Legrand is a perfect mix of Mazzy Star’s Kendra Smith and a mystic pagan princess.

Her sweeping rage phases in and out, playing a perfect back-and-forth with the reverb-drenched guitar.

Bloom is a little darker than Beach House’s previous albums, but the gothic Bauhaus tinge adds a dash of magical adventure needed to keep the Dream Pop band original and set apart.

This album was exactly what Beach House fans should expect, not swaying too far from their signature sound.

From the first track, ‘Myths’, you are immediately transported into their world, you are down the Beach House rabbit hole.

By the seven-minute closing track, ‘Irene’, you are in a hypnotized state, until the one-note break-down that ends a small eternity and the redundancy pulls you back to the present and holds you there. . . until the dream-like beat drops.

You will not be blown away with re-invention, but needs will be met and mental journies will surely be taken.

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