Jack White :: Blunderbuss

JackWhite-BlunderbussJack White’s solo album, Blunderbuss – FUCKING FINALLY!!

White is the only man that can sing about tragic heartbreak with such style and soul. With quick, hard-pressed lyrics about love taking you gently by the fingers to only jam then hard in a door, it would seem that this guy knows pain – after going through his second divorce recently, it’s safe to say Jack White knows what its like to send one’s heart through a blender.

The album seems to say, “My heart is fucking destroyed, love just doesn’t work out, it’s messy and painful, and this is the only thing I can do about it.”

Blunderbuss features an almost entirely female line up, with Autolux’s Carla Azar on drums, Brooke Waggoner on the bible-belting piano, Olivia Jean on guitar, and singer Ruby Amanfu.

On the single ‘Love Interruption’, White seems as though he’s simply getting off on the pain, he wants love to stick a knife in him and roll him in the dirt.

I suppose after six years of marriage to ex-wife Karen Elson, he’s been ridden hard and put away wet. He sings to us, “She don’t care the colour bruises that she’s leaving on me.”

In a nutshell, I never thought Jack white would be writing the best break up album of all time, but there it is. His approach is simple, the words love and pain are one in the same. Love is  graphically, physically, soul-wrenchingly painful and White is here to walk us through the gory details using songwriting chops we haven’t heard since his Elephant days with The Whites Stripes.

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